September 23, 2017

Resume Tips for Phlebotomy Professionals

Once you have graduated from your phlebotomy program you are not alone once you begin looking for a job. The state of the economy has made it difficult for many to get a job. However, the medical field is a field where medical professionals are still in high demand. This does not mean that your resume should be basic, it is quite the opposite in fact, since there are many people vying for the same position you need a resume that will put you ahead of the rest. Your resume is the only deciding factor as to whether you are hired for a job or not, your resume will also determine whether or not you have an interview. Below are some resume tips to help ensure your resume is not simply passed over.

Tip #1 Have an Objective

The portion of your resume when you state your career goals as well as what makes you the best for the job at hand aside from the many professional phlebotomists that have applied for the job. While writing up your objectives you will take this time to mention any skills you have and make sure it pertains to the job you plan on applying to.

Tip #2 List Any and All Skills

In this section you will list any and all skills you have that you have that you feel is important to the position. If you worked in a different position in the medical field be sure to list the skills you used to perform your tasks on a daily basis. This portion of your resume is what is looked at the most by employers, aside from showing them how much experience you have, it also shows them how much training you will need if hired on. The healthcare facilities that are busier will tend to want someone that has some type of experience in the field so that they can save time that training takes away.

Tip #3 Provide a List of References

A references section should ALWAYS be listed. While it is often best to have at least 1-2 personal references you should have 1-2 professional references. The professional references should be people that have a strong knowledge of how you work in specific situations. If you do not have a previous employer you may want to consider adding a teacher or even your phlebotomy instructor. List anyone that you have known for at least 1 year. Also refrain from listing people that you are unsure that you should mention to others.

Tip #4 Contact a Professional Resume Writing Services

Lastly, if you feel that you are able to revamp or build a resume on your own, then you should look to enlisting the help of professionals who make it their job to make sure you look good on your resume for the potential employer. While some services can be expensive, you can always negotiate a price. The price typically depends on the type and length of the resume. Once they have completed a draft of the resume they will send you the rough copy for approval, as well as ask you some personal questions so they can create a resume that will make the HR department and the potential employer take notice.