September 24, 2017

Phlebotomy Earnings and Outlook

If you are looking at a career in phlebotomy you would be entering into a field with outstanding amount of job growth that is expected to increase as the years pass. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the growth within the field is expected to have a steady increase over the following 8-10 years. Once you have completed all of the required training in the field, there are various opportunities that you will find in a medical facilities that include hospitals, clinics, private practices and laboratories.

Phlebotomy Job Prospects

Employment in the field as a technician is said to also improve by 16% through the year 2018. It is important to note that this increase may become more rapid as other areas in the medical field continue to grow. As the increase for other medical employment areas grow so will the demand for research labs and medical tests, this is also due to the increasing age of the baby boomer generation and the creation of more advanced laboratory testing.

Modern Technology

Technology is an area in the medical field that will continue to improve and these improvements will directly impact the field of the phlebotomy technician field. There are two ways technology will impact the industry:

Diagnostic screenings will mean more exams will need to be done which will mean more employment opportunities will open and the need for well-trained phlebotomists.
It should be noted that there is a downside to the advancement in technology. As the technology advances it would mean that the currently employed medical professionals will be able to easily execute the tests on their own which would mean that there would be no need to have the tests outsourced to those skilled specifically in the phlebotomy field. It may be in the best interest for you to train and educate yourself in various areas within the medical field.

The environment that phlebotomy will still remain a much desired area for employment is in major hospitals another various organization and private laboratories. Job opportunities in the phlebotomy will tend to be very favorable each year since there are more job openings then there are new phlebotomy technicians being certified. This seems to be an ongoing trend in the field.

Private practices will not be the only area for growth possibilities. It is predicted that with the large amount of individuals entering into retirement, over the next 10 years or so, the need will continue to grow in the private sectors of the medical field. The number of opportunities available to you will also depend on the area you live in and if you are willing and/or have the ability to relocate to where the need is much greater. You will find that larger cities tend to have greater need than those in more rural areas.

In conclusion, the information above should provide you with some insight into the future outlook your career as a phlebotomy technician. This is a field that may offer up a variety of opportunities for those first entering in the medical field or for those looking to make a career change.