September 23, 2017

Free Phlebotomy Training Is it Possible

If you are looking for a position that offers stability, decent pay and chances for advancement, then phlebotomy may be the profession you are looking for. Certification will be one of your best choices in when searching for a potential employer. The other factor a potential employer may consider aside from education is the level of training you have gained. In order to obtain your certification you will need to enter into a phlebotomy program as this will improve your chances of passing your phlebotomy exam at the end of the course. Training and education can be expensive, but it is possible to find low cost or even free training. However, it should be noted that even though there are the advantages of saving money in free training the advantages of obtaining training through a paid training program has its advantages as well and they should be considered first if your budget allows.

Where to Look For Free Training

One the first areas that you may find free training programs in by searching your states unemployment office, they may have a list of programs at your local community colleges or vocational schools. Many of the training programs provide the same level of quality as the paid programs.

If you are not unemployed you can easily speak with the nurses and even the other phlebotomists from the assisted living and/or nursing homes in your area. You may even find that they will assist in your getting your training, however, they may require that you work for them once you have completed training or be training is completed. Rehabilitation centers are another place that you may want to ask for sponsorship. If you currently have experience in the medical field you can ask your current employer if they offer such a program to help you pay for training in full or at least partial.

Online Training Programs

Some online programs offer free training. They provide you with the flexibility you need to learn at your own pace. It should be noted that they may lack the hands-on training you will need to help you get a better of idea of the phlebotomy career.

While you may not be able to find training that is completely free, there are various websites that provide practice tests and exams to help you pass the actual exam once you get to that point. You may also be able to find assistance through the various articles found on the websites (like this one) and through the various forums where you can speak with other students about some issues you may be having in the program. Sometimes you may be lucky enough to be able to ask questions of a current professional in the field, especially if the forum holds a question and answer event for you to attend.

Check at your local library for videos, books and other sources for self-training. This can be difficult as you will not have the ability to ask the questions you need to ask, however, this is a way for you to get in touch with the field prior to paying a fee to attend a program or course.